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The “Auto Summarize Post Content” plugin for WordPress streamlines the process of generating concise summaries for your content and effortlessly displays them at the top or bottom of your posts. This plugin saves your readers valuable time by providing them with a brief overview of the main points before delving into the full article.

Using cutting-edge algorithms, the plugin analyzes your post content and extracts the most pertinent information, ensuring that the generated summaries are accurate and informative. Elevate the user experience on your WordPress website with the “Auto Summarize Post Content” plugin, captivating your audience right from the start.

How do the plugin works?

The “Auto Summarize Post Content” plugin operates by employing a two-step process to generate summaries.

Firstly, it identifies the most repeated words within the post content. By analyzing the frequency of occurrence, the plugin determines which words are the most significant and likely to convey the key points of the text.

Secondly, the plugin applies a custom function to remove any irrelevant or insignificant words from the identified list of repeated words. This function filters out unnecessary terms, such as common articles, prepositions, and other words that do not contribute substantially to the overall meaning of the content.

By combining these two steps, the “Auto Summarize Post Content” plugin intelligently generates a concise summary that highlights the essential information within the post. This summary is then displayed at the top or bottom of the post, providing readers with a quick and informative overview before they delve into the complete article.


  • Auto-summarize content and display it at the top of the post.
  • Plugin option page.


  1. Upload [auto-summarize-post-content] to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  3. Go to Auto Summarize Post Content admin menu.


Are there any settings?

Once activated, this plugin will automatically generate a summary of the current post content and display it at the top of the post. You can go to the Auto Summarize Post Content option page for more settings, like the number of summary sentences, summary section displayed at the top or bottom.


ታሕሳስ 20, 2023
This plugin adds a summary box just like ones you see on big newspapers like Business Insider. Work fast, easy to use, just install and good to go.
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Contributors & Developers

“Auto Summarize Post Content” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.6 – Release Date 06th June 2024

Improved – The summary function is now more accurate and reduces bugs.
Improved – Check if the if the premium version is active or not before activating the plugin.

1.0.5 – Release Date 09th April 2024

New – Plugin option page with many useful settings.

1.0.1 – Release Date 18th December 2023

Improved – Only running summary function for single post, not archive, category pages.

1.0.0 – Release Date 17th December 2023

Initial release.