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Design for Contact Form 7 Style WordPress Plugin – CF7 WOW Styler

Design for Contact Form 7 Style WordPress Plugin – CF7 WOW Styler


Both non-tech and tech users can highly benefit from our step by step knowledge base!
Get fast styled your Contact Form 7 form with the CF7 WOW Styler plugin and the video tutorials!
Use video tutorials and knowledge base

Looking to change the form styles with the most famous Contact Form 7 plugin without having coding skills? Here is CF7 WOW Styler. With its help, you can fully customize the Contact form 7 plugin’s forms design by changing the form colors, shapes, shadows, backgrounds, etc. All you have to do is create your desired style and design in the browser as a form output without adding any extra code to the page.

Problems without the WOW Styler:

  • Less visitors use your forms, that means less contacts, sales, …
  • All forms look the same. To not to style and have all forms look the same you need a CSS plugin to add contact form 7 css per page.
  • Place two forms with different styles in one page/post.
  • Set a background image and align it on the right top angle.
  • Needs a bunch of CSS knowledge to do it. Do you have it?
  • Style a form which is inside a page builder as the builder could stripe out all your CF7 form CSS

Why Choose CF7 WOW Styler?

The CF7 WOW Styler has been developed for those users who have already activated and used Contact Form 7 and do not know how to style and design the created forms without CSS knowledge. This plugin enables to use a default template and create a new design from scratch with 73 style settings. As well reuse style and alter it for other forms.

The plugin makes the form design process even easier than you might think. You can style your forms on one page or post, style even a form inside a page builder, create multiple style schemes and have multiple different styled forms on one page, etc. And this is a matter of a few clicks with CF7 WOW Styler.

Moreover, with the help of Live preview, you will have an opportunity to make the needed adjustments to the form design by viewing it at the same time. Also, the Split view will enable you to see your form with a live style (published) and style in progress (draft) simultaneously.

Its full compatibility with Wide Themes, page builders, and browsers, ease of use, and time-saving features make WOW Styler a great way to create a unique style and design for your website forms created with the WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin.

The best from default WOW Styler try to take your theme style like font, colors as default and you just add what’s needed.

The WOW Styler plugin is all about simplicity and great form styling features both for non-tech users and those who have advanced programming and coding skills.

How to Get Started with WOW Styler Free?

Getting started with WOW Styler is a matter of a few seconds.

So, take these steps to easily get started with the WOW Styler Free Version:

  1. Inside your WordPress backend, admin area go to “Plugins” > “Add new plugin”
  2. Search for “wow styler” in the WP Plugins Repository
  3. Install and activate the WOW Styler
  4. Enjoy some of the plugin’s features for free.

CF7 WOW Styler Free Features

WOW, Styler’s free version gives you an opportunity to create a basic design for your contact forms. It includes the following customization options:

  • Text style customization
  • Text color
  • Font size
  • 6 font family selection
  • Links color
  • Links hover color
  • Labels color
  • Labels font size
  • Font weight
  • Font style (Normal, Italic, Oblique, Inherit)
  • Form padding, margin, and border
  • Field input
  • Buttons with text, background, hover, hover background color, font size, button, and shadow styles customization
  • Style scheme preview
  • Split view
  • Second Column view (Live, Unstyled)
  • Duplicate form in the second column
  • Default style scheme for all forms
  • Implementing custom CSS for tech-savvy users

The WOW Styler eases the user experience by using also the theme styles as a base. This helps users save time to get the theme style into the CF7 form style with the WOW styler.

To make your experience smoother and more pleasant the plugin is always under improvement.
In case of any issues, the users are welcome to get high-quality support from the Customer Satisfaction specialists.

Quick Used Cases of the Free Version

You can greatly benefit from some of the best features of the WOW Styler plugin absolutely for free.

The users who have built their contact forms through the Contact Form 7 plugin can use the WOW Styler in multiple ways, such as:

  • Changing colors (including text, background, hover) of the default form scheme to keep your brand identity.
  • Changing only a background color or a hover color and saving the form with different schemes.
  • Use buttons with different style options to attract more attention to them.
  • Use the Input Fields options to style your custom inputs in a unique way.

How to Switch to the Pro version?

If you have an active WP2LEADS Pro version (Plugin connects WordPress with KlickTipp german email marketing) then you can use the WOW Styler with all its Premium features absolutely for free.
Or else, you can enjoy all the settings of the plugin in a 14-day free trial period.

Days before finishing the trial period, you will get an Email reminder that you will be auto upgraded to the Pro version you choose which is most suitable plans for your usage.

Here’s how to switch to the Pro version:

  1. Find the CF7 Styler in the “Contact” submenu.
  2. Move to the “Upgrade” section.
  3. Choose your desired Pro package and make a purchase directly from there.
  4. License will be activated automatically.
  5. The logged-in user email is used to send a copy of your License key, premium download link, and invoice.

CF7 WOW Styler Pro Features

The CF7 WOW Styler Pro version offers additional features and customization options. It includes all the features available in the Free version, plus the following:

  • Buttons (radio buttons and checkboxes) and style boxes one per line (instead of one after the other without a new line)
  • Individual styles for forms
  • Multiple style schemes to switch and attach to Contact Form 7 forms
  • Background picture and gif, opacity
  • Loading styles in tag in case the theme or a page builder removes the “Custom CSS” function that adds the CF7 Style.

Brilliant Used Cases of the WOW Styler Pro

If you want to make your Contact form 7 form more unique, live, and engaging, then you can implement gifs to your form background.
In case your page builder removes styles loaded in the header and your form remains unstyled, you can load style in the body to show your form’s attractive design.

Please make sure you read the latest changes and benefits from our WP.org changelog to get the most out of the CF7 styling plugin.

Start by using the New Handbook & Knowledge Base!


  • How to add Contact Form 7 background images
  • Before – unstyled contactform7
  • Please rate us – form with styler interface with Contact Form 7 style
  • Example how to add style in Contact Form 7 with Sunflower form backgrounds
  • GIF what is new with version


Let’s get your forms styled

  • Step 1: Install/activate Contact Form 7 WOW style plugin
  • Step 2: Go to CF7 Styler which is in the “Contact” sub menu

**Pst. If you like some example forms which are already connected to [Klick Tipp an German E-Mail and SMS Marketing Provider] (https://www.klick-tipp.com/15194) Get WP2LEADS too.

If you are using WP2LEADS with an active Pro Version the Contact Form 7 Styler Premium version is free for you.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the WOW Styler plugin:

Can I test the Pro features in a free trial period?

Yes, all the Pro features are available in the 14 days’ free trial period. During that time, you will get an Email notification reminding you to get auto-upgraded to the Premium version to continue using the WOW Styler Pro features.

How can I get the WOW Styler Pro for free?

If you have activated WP2LEADS Pro license, then you can use the WOW Styler Pro version for free. Referee paying users and pay your license fee with the 35% affiliation commission.
Or if you use our affiliation program referee 3 get your license “free”. 3×35% = 105%. Join the program inside the plugin after opt-in.

Can I propose a plugin customization?

We are very happy to receive individual customization proposals. Just create a screencast video, avoiding showing any personal data. Share the video link via the support chat in the support forum. You will get the solution to your issue mostly in just one day.

Do you have an Affiliate program?

Yes, we have an Affiliate program, so you can earn money with the CF7 WOW Styler. You will get a 35% lifetime commission through your affiliate link and even more by writing a blog post. In this case, you will also obtain 12 months pro version.

You can find the program details by entering the “Affiliation” section available directly inside the plugin.
Watch the video to get a lifetime income with the WOW Styler Affiliate program.

  • More sources you could also use:

Animations that show the difference unstyled Contact Form 7 and WOW Styler styled CF7 forms:

PS: You can use all media and text you can find and we created to affiliate marketing the plugin

  • Blog post draft for you to use:
    Do you know already the WordPress Plugin “WOW Style for Contact form 7”?

  • You can style Contact Form 7 forms, like changing colors, shapes, shadows, backgrounds, buttons, … without any knowledge of CSS.

  • Animated tutorial gifs, get faster styled
  • Here is the link to the free Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/cf7-styler/

What if I cannot find the Affiliate program?

If you cannot find an affiliate program and you have a Pro license activated through WP2LEADS, then you should deactivate it, become an affiliate, then activate WP2LEADS once more.

What are the server requirements to use the WOW Styler?

The minimum PHP memory must be 64MB. 128MB will be better. The higher your PHP memory, the slower you will run to the white site.

What if I use Thrive Architect?

Here is a video tutorial on how to add the CF7 Wow Styler in Thrive Architect page builder.

See tutorial here

Show me what can i style with the Wow Styler?

  • Form Text
    Text Color
    Font Size
    Font Family
    Links Settings Links Color
    Links Hover Color
    Labels Settings
    Labels Color
    Labels Font Size
    Labels Font Weight
    Labels Font Style
  • Form Background Image & Colors
    Background Color
    Background Image (Premium)
    Upload Image
    Image Opacity
    Image Size like cover, contain, repeat vertical, repeat horizontal, repeat both
    Image Position like up, down, left, right and every corner
  • Form Padding, Margin & Border
    Border Width
    Border Radius
    Border Color
    Form Shadow
    Horizontal Length
    Vertical Length
    Blur radius
    Spread radius
    Shadow Color
    Shadow Position
  • Input Fields Text and Colors
    Make input fields full width? YES/NO
    Font Size
    Line Height
    Text Color
    BG Color
    BG Opacity
  • Input Fields Padding & Margin
    Input Shadow
    Horizontal Length
    Vertical Length
    Blur radius
    Spread radius
    Shadow Color
    Shadow Position
  • Checkboxes & Radiobuttons
    Make checkbox item one per line YES/NO (Premium)
    Make radio button item one per line YES/NO (Premium)
    Labels Font Size
  • Button Size, Text & Colors
    Make full width? YES/NO
    Text Color
    Hover Text Color
    BG Color
    Hover BG Color
    Font Size
    Line Height
  • Button Border & Shadow
    Button Border
    Hover Color
    Button Shadow
    Horizontal Length
    Vertical Length
    Blur radius
    Spread radius
    Shadow Color
    Shadow Opacity
    Shadow Position
  • Custom CSS
    clear, preview button
  • Style headers
  • Add image to form
  • Contact Form 7 fields two columns

How can I translate the plugin?

You can use the Loco Translate WordPress plugin by generating .po and .mo files. After that, you should share the generated files via this email address: support@saleswonder.biz.

You have a better, additional translation? Great 😉 Premium one year free as reward

Use https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ to generate a .po and .mo file and share files via support”at”saleswonder.biz thanks.

How can I update, handle the newly purchased Pro license?

Handle license, free version here

  • If you want to buy license do directly inside the plugin, so the license get activated directly
  • If bought go to the confirmation email from Freemius and download and install the Premium version. Free version will be deactivated.
    On activation opt-in and enter your key, you also got in your email.

Have fun pro style your Contact Form 7 forms 😉

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


ሰነ 11, 2024 1 reply
I just get this page all the time while trying to design my CF7 🙁 Not Found Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.
ለካቲት 14, 2023 2 replies
One of the main reasons people use Contact Form 7 is because it’s free. To charge for a style plugin is ridiculous. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that there is “Pro My Bro” version! Why would I pay for this plugin? Not only it will cost money but I will end up having two plugins in site to bloat it even more. If I have money to spare I will just go and buy a professional and far superior contact form plugin like WPforms or Gravity. SMH
ሕዳር 23, 2021 1 reply
Easy way to style with all important options in the free version, but sadly doesn’t apply to the form.
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Contributors & Developers

“Design for Contact Form 7 Style WordPress Plugin – CF7 WOW Styler” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.6.7 2024.07.06

  • fix polyfill issue, thanks to WP.org plugin team
  • Freemius SDK update for better opt-in for information via email, license handling (free, trial, paid)
    Benefit: Better opt-in
  • WP 6.6 compatible
  • For nice CF7 extensions please checkout https://add-ons.org/plugin/contact-form-7-add-on-bundle-all-in-one/

1.6.6 2024.06.20

  • Updated Freemius
  • All working good

1.6.5 2024.03.09

  • Improved security thanks patch stack

1.6.4 2024.01.03

Beautiful styled 2024

  • Freemius SDK update for better opt-in for information via email, license handling (free, trial, paid)
    Benefit: Reduce the data saved in database, by cleaning up.

1.6.3 2023.12.19

  • Freemius SDK update for better opt-in for information via email, license handling (free, trial, paid)
    Benefit: Better opt-in, trial and license handling

1.6.2 2023.11.23

  • Freemius SDK update for better opt-in for information via email, license handling (free, trial, paid)
    Benefit: Better opt-in, trial and license handling
  • Sorry, I forgot to also upload the new version to the premium user now i did

What feature you like to see?
Write here in chat here.

1.6.1 2023.11.02

  • Freemius SDK update for better opt-in for information via email, license handling (free, trial, paid)
    Benefit: Better opt-in, trial and license handling

What feature you like to see?
Write here in chat here.

1.6.0 2023.10.27

  • Feature: Support CF7 form styling for new and old form ID on Gutenberg editor
  • Freemius SDK update for better opt-in for information via email, license handling (free, trial, paid)

1.5.5+1.5.6 2023.09.01

  • Freemius SDK update
  • Your forms are styled again (working with ID and hash attribute)
    Issue was the CF7 5.8 update that introduced:
    Introduces SHA-1 hash-based contact form identification.
    AND Ignores the id attribute if the same ID has been used for another element.
  • WP 6.3 working

1.5.4 2023.07.14

  • SDK update

1.5.2 + 1.5.3 released 2023.06.15

  • Updated: Freemius SDK for better license, trial, opt-in handling
    Please all update

1.5.0 + 1.5.1 released 2023.04.15

  • Fix: Avoid fatal error when activate the plugin twice
    When upgrade free to Pro free gets deactivated.
  • Fix: Freemius SDK update fixes one error
  • Added/updated:
    Languages total:
    IT (Italian),
    VI (Vietnamese)
    HI (Hindi)
    ES-MX Spanish (Mexico)
    UR (Urdu)
    RU (Russian)
    PT-BR Portuguese (Brazil),
    DE German
    PO Polish
    ES Spanish (Spain)
    FRFrench (France)
    JA Japanese
    VI Vietnamese

Thank you for your trust and great support by buying the Pro version

read more in the full changelog.txt