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Do That Task


What is DoThatTask?

DoThatTask is an ultimate WordPress plugin that will provide you all support you require for your website. In the digital world, a website is one of the most important parts of any business and it is the first thing people visit when searching for a service or product. It helps you form an identity and to interact digitally with your customers.

In order to serve better, and get new customers, optimization of your website is highly essential. With the help of DoThatTask, any type of WordPress can be fixed with just one click! This platform is efficient and user-friendly, and you can get your work done in a short time.

DoThatTask is Feature-Packed

DoThatTask is a simple plugin and it helps you to work smartly and maximize the productivity of your work. This is the all-in-one tool to manage your entire WordPress website and to acquire the task-based expertise with a click.

Here are the features exclusive to DoThatTask.

  • Accurate Estimation Of Tasks
    The right estimation will be given to you by experts based on an hourly rate. Also, you will always be going to get a fixed price.

  • Full-Time Chat Support
    You can chat to acquire support on any issue and is available round the clock (24/7).

  • Pay On Completion
    Once, a task is sent by you for an estimation, you will get a time estimation in hours by the experts. After your approval, DoThatTask keeps the amount and releases it to the expert when the task is delivered and approved by you. You have to pay only when the task is done and delivered, without being worried about being mugged.

  • No Obligations For Work
    The customers have the freedom and “can mark as done” a task only if they’re satisfied. Moreover, if you have any issues or want a refund and the expert doesn’t provide what you ask for, you can always contact customer service.

  • Budget Management
    Subscribe to automate the work and payments and manage your budget.

  • Hassle-Free Communication
    Chat with WordPress experts and have easy communication over tasks. You can take a screenshot, crop the image, add arrows texts, and frames directly on the image and discuss and chat with WordPress experts over tasks.

DoThatTask Can Perform Many Tasks


You can use DoThatTask to FIX all this and much more.

  • Speed of your website
  • Sidebar Below Content Error
  • White Text & Missing Buttons in the Visual Editor
  • Memory Exhausted Error – Increase PHP Memory
  • Lock Out of Admin
  • Login Page Refresh and Redirect Issue
  • Image Upload Issue
  • Posts Returning 404 Error
  • “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error
  • Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error
  • Not Sending Email Issue
  • RSS Feed Errors
  • 403 Forbidden Error – White Screen of Death Error
  • Too Many Redirects Error
  • Internal Server Error
  • Syntax Error
  • “Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk” Error
  • Infection removal
  • “This site ahead contains harmful programs” Error
  • The Missed Schedule Post Error
  • Establishing a Database Connection Error

Benefits Of DoThatTask

DoThatTask lets you add a magic snippet button to your website’s admin panel. Just click it to add tasks and get them done quickly & conveniently without ever leaving your admin panel. Also, there are plenty of other benefits:

  • Take screenshots anywhere on your site and add a description
  • Gather tasks
  • Share your thoughts on the discussion forum
  • Get the estimation from our experts
  • Review, approve, re-open
  • Set task deadlines
  • Upload file for a specific task
  • Use 24/7 chat for any support
  • Have a full report with every task done, it includes the date, task type, description and the amount of money charged

Steps To Set Up DoThatTask

Don’t let your website kill your peace of mind! Concentrate on what you do best and let us do what we do best – manage your website.

Here’s how DoThatTask works:

Step 1: Click on “Download”
Step 2: Go to your admin panel and click on “Add New Plugin”
Step 3: Upload “do-that-task” file (please, compress to .zip first – click on the file and select “Compress”)
Step 4: Activate the plugin
Step 5: Click on the button “Add Task” at the right of your screen or go to DoThatTask / Task Central and create your first task.

Connect With Us

Migrating or optimizing a website can be a daunting task, especially when you are changing domain names. Guess What? Not Anymore! Because you have DoThatTask.

We will optimize your images, update your text, fix the layout, add a new exciting feature, improve your SEO, add a form, add a lead generation funnel, fix any bug in your WordPress website, change your theme, modify a menu in your site and do much more.

Get in Touch With Us or Download The Plugin NOW!

Happy Tasking!


  • General Setting in admin
  • App setting in admin
  • Add task popup in admin/front
  • Task listing page in admin
  • Task Detail page in admin
  • Tasks Kanban View in admin


DoThatTask can perform a variety of tasks to help you boost your site to the next levels. It offers a highly efficient process to assist with any issues/tasks related to the website.

Let’s see how this plugin works.

Step 1: Click on “Download”

Step 2: Go to your admin panel in WordPress and click on “Add New Plugin”

Step 3: Upload “do-that-task” file (please, compress to .zip first – click on the file and select “Compress”)

Step 4: Click on “Install Now”

Step 5: Later, click on “Activate”

Great job! We are done and DoThatTask is correctly installed.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to create an account, we automatically create you one in so you can log in and create your first task now.

Create Your First Task

Step 1: At the main menu to your left, you are going to see the “DoThatTask” button, please click there and you are going to go to your “Task Central”. Here you can manage all your tasks.

Step 2: Please click on the green button at the right “+ADD TASK” to start creating your first task.

Step 3: Please add a title and description.
Also, you can choose a priority: Highest, High, Lowest, or Low. If no option is chosen, the text will have a normal priority.

Step 4: Feel free to explain the task as much as you want. You can take screenshots, video/audio recordings or even upload files.

Step 5: Click on “Publish” and your task will be sent automatically for estimation.
You can check your task estatus on “Task Central” in the main menu, at the left of your admin panel.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be checking this page every 5 minutes, the experts will send your estimation by email.

Step 6: After receiving the estimation, you just have to approve the task by clicking on the “Pay” button.

What’s next? Well, just sit back and relax. Our experts will do the hard work for you.

Happy Tasking!

For more information:

Or contact us


How can I get my $100 joining bonus?

It will be added to your account when you sign up. You can use it as you please. No credit card required.

What can I use the 100$ for?

You can use it for any website related issue/task. Be it bugs, optimization, digital marketing, content or any wordpress related development. The first four hours of work are on us and this comes without any hidden charges.

What is the effective per hour rate?

25$ /Hr is charged for our Hand-picked experts. This is only charged when you approve the estimation received on your published tasks by the experts. There is no minimum or monthly fee.

How will I be charged and when?

Once you send a task for Estimation, Experts provide time estimation in hours. After your approval, Do That Task keeps that amount and releases it to the Expert once task is delivered and approved by you.

What payment methods are acceptable?

Your account balance is charged once you approve the estimation from experts on your tasks. You have the option to top-up with Paypal.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with your expert services?

You can review the work when it is delivered by the Expert. You have the option to mark it complete or re-open it. We hold the amount till you mark the task as complete. DoThatTask customer service can be contacted at any time to mitigate issues or to get refund if expert does not provide what you ask for.

Can the tool manage all the services like WordPress Fixes, Digital Marketing etc.?

Yes. We have our hand-picked experts who are waiting to help you boost your website.

Is my website and data secured?

Yes, You stay in charge during the whole process. You have the option to grant/revoke access to your website. 🙂


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Contributors & Developers

“Do That Task” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Fixed paypal payment issue which occurs, when clients make payment by to different browser at a time.


  • Assign all content to another admin user when we removed task user.


  • Get vue-js libraries from APP end.
  • Test plugin on latest wordpress version.


  • Email Verify when client is use the plugin first time.


  • Add Personal info tab under setting page and give option to add admin login url.


  • Add one more setting in my-account page, Now client can prevent auditor to audit the site.
  • Footer logo and Visitor feedback button hidden default.


  • Separated add-task code from plugin.


  • Added New Getting Started page.


  • Resloved force upgrade issue.


  • Overcome js and css load on page speed, separate front js/css and admin js/css.
  • Add Recording functionality in task popup.


  • Add minify screenshot section.


  • Add attachment option in task discussion , change activation flow and add force upgrade for stable version.


  • Add undo or reundo option in image edit page.


  • Add Pencil to draw pattern on captured image in edit image section.


  • Change same task popup css.


  • Change edit image text shadow and fix area.


  • Default checkbox selected.
  • Remove Invoice section.


  • Fix Task conversation issue.
  • Now we can resize selected area while task creation.


  • Add Source filter on listing page.
  • Add Source name on detail page.


  • Allow expert to create task for client.


  • Change plugin file structure.
  • Pay Button add on detail page.
  • Change simple text Publish/Save with button on task-popup.


  • Add the task user for expert to check complete site issue.
  • Change task-popup button with simple text.
  • Set footer logo width 100%.
  • Change Task detail page design.
  • Add domain logo instead of default-user icon.
  • Change in screen capture window which appear after selection area.


  • Change green color with grey in plugin.
  • User can select max 25 MB file for upload.
  • Change font style for image edit in task creation.


  • Change image edit tool position and add moving border on selected area.


  • Change color icon with active color , tool position and popup logo.


  • Add new image edit color and add review button after task done.


  • Add shadow in text ,reactangle and arrow for image edit.


  • Add image popup for task image and add link for remove footer from front and add button to indicate add-task button visible for admin.


  • Add Screenshot module, now client can take screenshot from complete page for the task.


  • Changes in add task popup modal.


  • Add save as draft and publish button in add task popup and Change screenshot module.


  • change some css issue on add task popup.


  • Change pay next cycle with get subscriptions.


  • Changes for upload image.


  • Change some css issues for front-end .


  • Add Get Subscription button if user does not.


  • Allow multiple images and other extension files (doc,txt,pdf,xls).


  • Fixed image stretch issue after cropping during create task.


  • Side Add-Task button bg color change.
  • Add Chat-Now link on Task central page.


  • Fixed Account page css.
  • Fixed Add-task popup priority data at front-end.
  • Aligned footer text with plugin logo.
  • Redirected on task central page after activation.
  • Increased visibility of Add-Task button on front.


  • Added warning message across the admin panel, when client does not verify their email with the domain.


  • Added Transaction filter , remove image option if added any by mistake during task creation.


  • Fix js issues.


  • Fix add task issue.


  • Fix listing and kanban view issue when we come from detail page to listing page.


  • Change plugin description


  • Change API url with secure protocol, now API url will work with HTTPS.


  • Add Verify code page, where we validate email change code and add task button.


  • All warning and notices move on top of the page.


  • Change Verify Email process page content.


  • Remove www from domain during reactivate plugin to check domain exist or not.


  • Remove www from domain.


  • Change plugin activation process.
  • now plugin will activate without checking any email and domain.


  • Change side add task button design.
  • Add new plugin description in readme.txt file.


  • Change plugin activation process.
  • Now user can select email address to associate with plugin.
  • At initial level we check email with domain that , it’s exist or not. If exist then give option to add new email.


  • Change plugin as per wordpress community guide line.