MojoAuth Passwordless Authentication


The MojoAuth Passwordless Authentication WordPress plugin replaces standard WordPress login forms with the passwordless authentication method. It provides a robust and secure passwordless authentication mechanism to your WordPress site that offers the users a way to verify themselves while not having to remember or manually type passwords, which in turn provides stronger security and fewer breaches.

Adding a passwordless authentication mechanism will help to create additional barriers to secure accounts of users. We updated the conventional password method of login with a safer authentication method, for example, login through OTP, Magic Link and WebAuthn. This likewise cuts the additional progression of you fumbling over your failed to remember password.


  • Magic Link: A unique link sent directly to your email which allows you to authenticate once and becomes invalid automatically once you are logged in.
  • OTP: A unique OTP sent directly to your email which allows you to authenticate once and becomes invalid automatically once you are logged in.
  • WebAuthn: Allow users to authenticate with built-in authenticators like fingerprint, pin, or using security keys like YubiKey.


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Step-by-step installation documents

After downloading the plugin, you will find MojoAuth located under Plugins.
Activate your plugin in WordPress by clicking on “MojoAuth”.


How MojoAuth is secure?

MojoAuth is fully secured and following best practices to secure our system. We also do follow OIDC standard practices and are compliant with GDPR for data protection.

Is MojoAuth free of cost?

Yes, MojoAuth is free with all the basic features.

Is MojoAuth white labeled?

Yes, MojoAuth is a white labeled solution so you can easily customize the look as per your brand identity.

Does my plugin delete all the data once I delete the plugin?

We support both options to keep your data as it is once you delete the plugin or you can delete them.

How much time email magic link or OTP will take?

We provide a 99.99% success rate of mail delivery and it won’t be delayed.

Can I allow users to log in using biometric?

Yes, we do support the webauthn feature and you can enable it from MojoAuth Dashboard. This allows your users to log in with all trusted platforms.


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