Rate Star Review – AJAX Reviews for Content, with Star Ratings


Enable site members to rate any type of content. Multiple ratings and reviews for content (including custom post types).

Key Features

  • Star Ratings, Review Title and Text Content
  • AJAX review and lists (no page reload required)
  • Unlimited review types associated by content type, content id, post id
  • Update review (after adding review, it can be updated anytime with same form)
  • Ratings by category (rate and also get stats by category)
  • Shortcodes to add review, list reviews, display ratings
  • Separately review multiple aspects and content type for an item
  • Live update of review list on same page when adding, updating review
  • Updates and can display average rating per post (meta)
  • Custom maximum stars (ex: 3, 5, 10 stars)
  • Configure post types to include reviews for (post, page)
  • Vote and vote count per post, for specific categories (i.e. for contests like Top Summer Videos)
  • Integrates with MicroPayments Plugin to support paid votes on selected categories

Recommended for use with these solutions


[videowhisper_review post_id=”” content_type=”” content_id=”” rating_max=”5″ id=”” update_id=””]
Shows form to add and update review for specific post and content. AJAX based. Can also update reviews list if on same page.

[videowhisper_reviews post_id=”” show_average=”1″ content_type=”” content_id=”” id=””]
Lists reviews for specific content (by post,content). At least post_id or content_id must be specified. AJAX based.

[videowhisper_rating post_id=”” rating_max=”5″]
Displays average rating for a post (average of all ratings for that post).

Post Metas

Updates these meta valuate when rating posts:
– rateStarReview_rating = average rating normalized as value between 0 and 1 (multiply with maximum to display)
– rateStarReview_ratingNumber = number of reviews
– rateStarReview_ratingPoints = sum of normalized ratings for easy sorting popular items (rating * ratingPoints)

Rating by category will update those for each rated category as:
– rateStarReview_rating_category$id
– rateStarReview_ratingNumber_category$id
– rateStarReview_ratingPoints_category$id

How to use this?

In example, if you have a post presenting an electronic product and want site members to be able to review and rate separately different aspects like Features and Performance these can be content types.
A review form for each content type can be setup:
[videowhisper_review content_type=”Features” post_id=”1″]
[videowhisper_review content_type=”Performance” post_id=”1″]
Then to show all reviews for that item, you can use [videowhisper_reviews post_id=”1″] .

Another example, if an article is about a book with 2 parts, you can also use content_id to allow users to post a review for each part for each aspect (like Utility, Clarity).
[videowhisper_review content_type=”Utility for Part” content_id=”1″ post_id=”1″]
[videowhisper_review content_type=”Utility for Part” content_id=”2″ post_id=”1″]
[videowhisper_review content_type=”Clarity for Part” content_id=”1″ post_id=”1″]
[videowhisper_review content_type=”Clarity for Part” content_id=”2″ post_id=”1″]
Then list all reviews for all parts, [videowhisper_reviews post_id=”1″] or just for an aspect or part.


  • Review form and review list.


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Muchas opciones para personalizar, diseño limpio y funciona bien!
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Contributors & Developers

“Rate Star Review – AJAX Reviews for Content, with Star Ratings” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.





  • Content vote with [videowhisper_vote post_id=””] shortcoded (can automatically show on content pages)


  • Rate and display ratings by category (if enabled)
  • Support for special characters
  • PHP 8 support


  • Calculate and save average rating per post.


  • First release.