SKT Blocks – Gutenberg based Page Builder


SKT Blocks lets you use the default gutenberg editor and easily create creative websites within minutes with the help of the reusable blocks that can be used both in pages and posts.

SKT Blocks offers all round flexibility and is intuitive at the same time requires less plugin and is faster and user friendly.

Check our Gutenberg blocks demos and watch them in active live.

These advanced blocks come with host of advanced functionality and customization which make them easy to use and handle and edit them as per your requirements of color, width, font etc.

With more than 30 blocks at your perusal you can easily edit the existing themes created using them or add any suitable block as per your requirement to existing WordPress themes or websites supporting and created using the default editor.

SKT Blocks Library

  1. Advanced Columns : Advanced columns block lets you build amazing and customizable columns for a variety of uses like having different variations for testimonial or showing testimonial and team side by side. Different types of content can be shown in row and column with varying width and shapes and background using this block.
  2. Section : Section block is of utmost importance for websites to differentiate different sections and layouts within a page with background and variety of content blocks within a section block.
  3. Shape-Divider : Shape divider uses variety of shapes to have a nice way of distinction between content so that once one changes content and scrolls down between various sections shape dividers becomes handy to separate them. Easily customize them using this block.
  4. Video Popup : Popups always try to grab eyeballs and attention and in this case trying to have a video opened up in a pop-up window using this block.
  5. Icon-List : Icon list uses icons as well as stylised lists to create a nice way to have checklists, features lists or other types of highlighting services features and product descriptions. Design your own beautiful list using Icon-list block.
  6. Multi Buttons : Multiple buttons can be needed to have call to action for features and services and buttons are always needed to have some action from the user like download, shop now, click here and so on. Multi buttons are desirable for every type of website and hence this block may help you with the desired functionalities of all shapes of buttons.
  7. Advanced Heading : Headings are important to showcase a page or post heading and they can be easily managed as far as font size, typography and its width etc are concerned.
  8. Call-to-Action : For sales or a leads friendly website it is important to focus on Call to action. Also for landing pages and marketing pages call to action is important. This block enables you to add CTA easily and efficiently.
  9. Count up : Animated counting to show statistics like a persons knowledge or stats about installs, client projects or reviews gained online and similar things using numbers can be nicely shown using this block. Fully customizable.
  10. Blockquote :To showcase a quote by someone famous and to showcase quotes to understand the context of the whole article blockquote are important when it comes to articles and form an important part of descriptive text for blogging.
  11. Accordion : Information displayed in rows which can be expanded and contracted and looks stylish. Also takes a lesser space than the whole area being listed in a lengthy way. Accordion block is configurable for this purpose.
  12. Flip-Box : Transformation effects box which showcases content with icons on the front and can hold similar or simple content on the backside. Many people use images on the front and write description of that image in the backside. Flip boxes are for engaging content for users.
  13. Info-Box : Simple informative boxes for having displayed important information regarding ones business or features of a product or services and product listing etc can be done with the help of this useful info-box block.
  14. Team : For any corporate or business website or any website in about us page the team members behind the business and the idea are showcased so that visitors know about the people behind them. Also the social profiles and their links for the team members is also important.
  15. Image Boxes : Gallery boxes and showcasing portfolio for any company, model or event is necessary. Images as they say speak louder than words and hence this pictoral box is essential and is fully configurable.
  16. Image Slider : Images in a carousel format where one can scroll through them easily using this block.
  17. Card : Personal details with image is what card does. Just like business card this is a personal card for users to showcase about them.
  18. Gallery Masonry : Collage of images in a masonry block format. This block is to boost portfolio showcase.
  19. Content Timeline : To create a visually stunning and nice showcase of content in a timeline of events this block has been created which is different than posts.
  20. Testimonial : Use the Testimonial block to display some amazing client reviews in a carousel layout.
  21. Divider : Division between sections and layout can be done easily using this divider block.
  22. Expand More Block : Small text can be shown and an more button which will explore more content. Beneficial for large content showcase where people can view the important content and if interested can click on more.
  23. Pricing List : With the Gutenberg Pricing List block, design a beautiful and comprehensive pricing list of your goods, services and memberships.
  24. Post Carousel : Similar to how images shown in a carousel or slider posts will be showcased in a carousel.
  25. Post Grid : The Post Grid block fetches the blog posts on your website and displays them in a grid layout. You can also customize the order of your posts, and manage settings like the featured image, content, etc.
  26. Post-Timeline : This block showcases posts in a timeline format by showing historical events with image and knowing about the events in detail. Timeline is important for company history, events showcase etc.
  27. Pricing table : For any company with services or selling something it is important to showcase pricing of single product and multiple product or service offerings like hair salon etc with comparison for users to select the best price as per their budget and requirement.

SKT Templates for Gutenberg

We have already created SKT Templates for both Elementor and Gutenberg and are going to add more than 100+ templates within the same plugin and you can easily make use of those starter templates by just importing them and editing them using SKT Blocks.


  • Advanced Columns
  • Info Box
  • Icon List Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Shape Divider Block
  • Post-TimeLine Block


This plugin provides 3 blocks.

  • SKT Blocks – Gutenberg based Page Builder
  • SKT Blocks – Gutenberg based Page Builder
  • SKT Blocks – Gutenberg based Page Builder


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin zip from admin & Activate the plugin


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Contributors & Developers

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  • Section block restored choose full width option
  • Resolved MultiButton color issue
  • Resolved AdvancedColumn must be re-entered issue
  • Removed tags support from post and page grid block


  • Fixed Post and page grid block, Post timeLine block, Team block, Image slider block issue and also resolved Deprecated functions issue.


Speed Optimization


  • Made fonts GDPR compliant.


  • Initial Plugin Release
  • Fixed line height issue in all blocks.