StreamWeasels Kick Integration


StreamWeasels Kick Integration for embedding live streams from Kick

The most advanced Kick plugin for WordPress

For over 8 years, StreamWeasels have been helping thousands of WordPress websites display Twitch and YouTube content streams in their WordPress websites, and now we’re brining Kick streams to WordPress..

StreamWeasels Kick Integration is the latest and greatest plugin from StreamWeasels that takes Kick Integration to the next level.

This plugin allows you to display kick streams anywhere on your website in a variety of unique and professional-looking layouts.

Embed a Single Kick Stream based on Channel

StreamWeasels Kick Integration allows you to embed a single Kick stream anywhere on your website with our easy-to-use Gutenberg block or shortcode.

  • Embed a single stream with the following shortcode: [sw-kick-embed channel=”xqc”]
  • Customise your embed with the following options:
  • Autoplay
  • Start Muted
  • Embed Width
  • Embed Height

Display Multiple Kick Streams using Kick Wall

Embed multiple Kick streams at once in a Kick Wall.

  • Embed a group of streams with the following shortcode: [sw-kick layout=”wall” channels=”xqc,roshtein,amouranth”]
  • Change the number of streams to display, the number of columns in the wall and the column spacing.
  • Unlock more than 30 other customisations and settings with an Essentials or PRO upgrade.

Display your Kick online status using Kick Status

Let your website users know whenever you’re live on Kick with Kick status.

  • Add the Kick Status widget with the following shortcode: [sw-kick layout=”status” channel=”xqc”]
  • Change the size, placement and colours of the Kick Status widget.
  • Unlock more than 30 other customisations and settings with an Essentials or PRO upgrade.

Showcase your top Kick streams with Kick Feature

Showcase a group of Kick streams and display them front-and-center on your website with Kick Feature (PRO only).

  • Add the Kick Feature layout with the following shortcode: [sw-kick layout=”feature” channels=”xqc,roshtein,amouranth”]
  • Change the position and colours of the layout.
  • Unlock this layout and more than 30 other customisations and settings with a PRO upgrade.

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This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • StreamWeasels Kick Embed StreamWeasels Kick Embed – Embed a single Kick stream.
  • StreamWeasels Kick Integration StreamWeasels Kick Integration – Best for Embedding many Kick streams.


ሕዳር 14, 2023
The best Wordpress plugin to integrate your stream and that of your friends in KICK! With StreamWeasels Kick Integration you will have premium support. Kick Feature, Kick Wall and Kick Status, you choose how you want to reach your viewers and grow.Easy to integrate, just with a shortcode you will have everything ready in a few seconds on your WordPress site.Highly recommended!!
ሕዳር 12, 2023
AAA+ Kick plugin with amazing support. Jamie helped me to customize the plugin, added a new feature i asked for also tried to help with WP issues not related with plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Fixed error on Kick Status layout


  • CSS fixes for the Feature layout on mobile devices (<530px)


  • Added new VODS layout


  • CSS variables shifted to kebab case to better support html minification
  • updated freemius


  • updated freemius
  • added new block and shortcode for simple kick embed
  • added blocks for status and feature


  • added status layout


  • added feature layout


  • added freemius and full settings page


  • removed double and stray commas
  • added show offline option


  • Release